Wright’s Dairy Rite

Wright’s Dairy Rite has been around since 1952. When you pull up, there is no missing the sign out front or the pull up speakers to order you food. The restaurant was busy and it showed. The wait was long, but then again, one signed announced that although Wright’s served burgers and fries, it is not a typical fast food restaurant- meaning food is prepared to order and it usually takes a while.


I shared an order of tater tots, fries, a burger, and a shake; a classic order from Wright’s Dairy Rite. Unfortunately, the burger arrived in a sad state, smushed and soggy, but the rest of the meal was typical for a fast food restaurant. The milkshake was very good, however and I would highly recommend trying a chocolate shake from Wright’s. Like myself, the other customers seemed to enjoy the atmosphere of Wright’s, even if the food was lacking a bit. The crowd was mostly children coming in for lunch after their Saturday morning little league games.

Wright’s is decorated in much the same way it was when it opened in 1952 and it is the atmosphere that keeps customers coming back.


The verdict: Don’t expect much out of the food, but it is not everyday you can order your meal by phone while sitting in your booth. I recommend you skip the burger and just order a shake.

Wright’s Dairy Rite, http://www.dairy-rite.com/home, (540) 886-0435



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