Foamhenge is located near Natural Bridge, about a mile closer to Route 81 than the Hotel. Unlike nearby attractions, there are no signs for the attraction. After driving back and forth for nearly 20 minutes, I came across a car parked in front of a old white gate. I parked as the other car pulled away. I knew Foamhenge was no longer visible from the road from an article I read online. I decided to try my luck. Sure enough, this was the location of Foamhenge.

As I was leaving another car pulled up and asked if we knew where Foamhenge was. So the point is, Foamhenge is very, very hard to find. Just look for the white fence.


Foamhenge was created by artist Mark Cline in 2004 as an April Fool’s Day prank. Since its construction, visitors from all over the world have come to Natural Bridge, Virginia to see the strange roadside attraction. The monument is a styrofoam replica of England’s Stonehenge. The paint is wearing off since 2004 and I can imagine it does not look at good at it did when Foamhenge was first built. Still, Foamhenge is a fun place to see.

Foamhenge is currently searching for a new home. Natural Bridge is set to become a state park and the land Foamhenge is on was part of the land purchase.


The verdict: Foamhenge is awesome. Sure, some paint is missing and it was nearly impossible to find, but definitely check it out before it is taken down August 1, 2016.

Foamhenge,, (540) 291-2353



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